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Talk to Alex

Do you feel stressed,
overwhelmed or worried?
Talk to your robo-friend – Alex.
Alex will help you
to calm down and get control
over your feelings.


Some feelings are big,
some are small.
Small feelings can get bigger
if we just ignore them.
Robo-meter will help you
to identify what you feel
and how big your feelings are.


Use helpful tools
and strategiesany time
you need to deal
with difficult situations
and big feelings.

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Talk2Alex® app

Supports Youth’s Mental Health

Talk2Alex® is an interactive, evidence-based app that supports and educates about mental health and well-being. Talk2Alex® provides science-based activities and games that are meant to reduce stress, build resilience, and overcome negative thoughts.

  • We all deal with stressful and unpleasant situations at times.
  • Too much stress can lead to serious problems.
  • It is important to teach youth how to deal with their feelings in a healthy way.
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Talk2Alex® App
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